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Welcome in my tiny space on the internet!

There are things I'd like to share with the public, friends, acquaintances as well as with people who have the same interest so having a personal corner on the internet to publish what I want is perfect.  I hope you will find something you like.

passer à la version française, même contenu avec 2 sections en prime.
this page which you are currently reading.
Who is Rhialto?
where I took that nickname and a few details about me.
my voluntary help every year as well as pictures of me at the snow bath!
Computer & Games
my computer setup and the very short list of games I'm playing.
an awesome outdoor activity for everyone, all my finds listed (updated regularly).
a short list of movies I liked to watch (and would watch again).
what I listened to and what I'm listening to.
pictures of our adorable twins Vianka & Imaëlle from 0 to 5yo (see Stereoscopy for new pictures).
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. coin
a bit frustrated that I could not get a Collector's Edition of the game, I started this project of 100 coins.
many stereoscopic pictures (twins also featured). 3D available NOW for everyone.
Subaru Forester
information on our new family car.
Suzuki Volusia
information on my special edition motorcycle Suzuki Volusia VL800Z.
Your comments, whether it is about the Twins, my Volusia, my computer, geocaching, etc.

NOTE: There are three more sections in French, two that show pictures with comments I did not really know how to translate, and a third one about my collection of books in which YOU are the hero.

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