Welcome in my tiny space on the internet! There are things I’m willing to share with the public, friends, acquaintances and people with similar interests so having a personal corner on the internet to publish what I want is perfect. I hope you will find something you like.

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About Rhialto
where I took that nickname and a few details about me.
20+ years of voluntary help and pictures of me at the snow bath.
My computers
my current and old computers setup.
My games
short list of games I’m currently playing, I was playing and that I plan to play.
an awesome outdoor activity for everyone.
Iris, our Korat breed cat
daughters wanted a cat, we choose a Korat.
My movies
a short list of movies I liked to watch (and would watch again).
My music
what I listened to and what I’m listening to.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. coin project
a bit frustrated that I could not get a Collector’s Edition of the game, I started this project of 100 coins.
Our Subaru Forester
some information on our family car.
My Suzuki Volusia
my special edition motorcycle Suzuki Volusia VL800Z.
Vianka & Imaëlle
pictures of our adorable twins Vianka & Imaëlle from 0 to 5yo.
many stereoscopic pictures (twins also featured).
Your comments
Your comments, whether it is about the Twins, my Volusia, my computer, geocaching, etc.