Our Subaru Forester

Subaru’s flyer picture of a 2011 satin white pearl Forester Limited

Birth history of our Subaru Forester

  • Assembled at Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), Ota, Gunma, Japan
  • Off line date was October 7th, 2010
  • Departed Japan: October 28th on Vessel Sirius Leader
  • Arrived November 16th at port Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Annacis Island, B.C.
  • Rail loaded on November 24th
  • Rail arrival at Montreal on December 3rd
  • Delivered to dealer: December 10th

The story of how we ended up with a Subaru Forester

When we knew we would have twins in July 2005 we sold a car to get a Dodge Caravan ready for their births. Then, reading here and there about cars from time to time I always liked what I was reading about Subaru. I appreciate the fact they only sell AWD cars and that they are sticking to that (ok, except BRZ now).

A Caravan is not a funny car but instead a useful one for the large cargo. I liked the look of SUV/Crossover cars and had hope that our next car would be one of that kind. When they announced the new redesigned Forester, I liked it a lot. I found the look of it great and slowly began reading more about it. Like previously said, Subaru’s AWD was already something I liked for many reasons, even if I never owned one, but which I trusted because they were selling it for so long and reputation was well known. So I would assume that it only got better with time and all my readings about it confirmed that up to now.

Even if we have snow 3-4 months a year, that’s where AWD really make a difference and that’s something I wanted to try for a long time. I read every articles I could find about the new Forester, reviews, road tests, safety tests, comparison with similar vehicle, etc. It doesn’t took long before I was hooked on it. The more I read on it the more I wanted one.

I introduced the Forester to my girlfriend slowly, bringing back the subject a few times every years, and 5 years after getting the Caravan we traded it for a MY11 Forester. Not only we had the money to do the move at that time but I also liked the fact there was a new updated motor in it. That was a plus and also the fact the new motor use a chain instead of timing belt. New front grill was updated too. Unlike a few people and reviews, the 4EAT was not bothering me at all since I knew it was bullet proof and was doing the job very well.

Time will tell if our next car will also be a Subaru but yet we like our Forester…

Some pictures…




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