My games

You should not be surprised that I play most of the titles here in 3D Vision.

Playing now

MWOMechWarrior Online

I tried for a few days near the end of 2012. Then in March 2013 I took another look at it and discovered how to enable 3D Vision before it was officially supported and that made me play more and today I still play MWO most of the time. As a Free2Play model, I must admit I’m quite happy how they deal with it and I’m having some serious fun.


After the excellent LIMBO, there is INSIDE, a must. I love such simple little games with some puzzle-like challenge. After completing it I enjoy watching my daughters playing it and see how good they are to solve all the areas.

DiabloIIIDiablo III

Diablo II is one of the game I’ve played the most so it was obvious that I would get Diablo III and I don’t have to tell you I was pretty excited when it was announced.

When I got my Diablo III Collector’s Edition I was of course really hyped. Again 3D Vision is excellent. But will you believe me if I say it took me 173 hours of play before finding my first Legendary? The game was broken in so many ways, they have failed to deliver what was so promising. Of course it has improved since then and they even added a first expansion called Reaper of Souls but I’m not interested at all in it, and if I say this it is because I’ve tested it. This don’t prevent me from having a blast now with what all the latest patchs brang to the game. It took me time, a lot of time to find specific items and I’ve even got some level 70 items (powerful for a level 60 like me!) and I was able to build some cool characters you can have a look at here.

Trine3Trine 3

The Trine series is a must have for all 3D stereoscopic players. The 3D art is simply amazing. You have no idea until you can see it by yourself. I’ve bought Trine 2 Collector’s Edition which included Trine 1 and when Trine 3 was announced I also wanted it for sure and guess what happened? FrozenByte did a promotion in December with their Christmas Calendar and I won a copy! I was very happy and our daughters very excited! First time I win on the internet.

Samorost3Pinball FX2

Recently bought with the Steam Summer sale event. Works very well in 3D. I know FX3 is out but it’s not 3D compatible yet but the great 3D community fixers may have a fix soon!


If I had the money and time, I would have a look at Doom and Overwatch. But maybe I would look for a nice little game like Firewatch first.

Past – Worth mentioning

S.T.A.L.K.E.RS.T.A.L.K.E.R. series

I still remember the firsts screenshots I saw from this game… It’s been a while but at that time, just wow! And even today it’s still worth taking a look. Concept, gameplay, graphics makes it stand apart. And as much as a fan as I am, you’ll understand I was frustrated of not being able to get a Collector’s Edition box in Canada so, with GSC approval, I did my own project for a collectible. I designed a collector coin limited to 100.

Samorost3Samorost 3

One of the few titles I will gladly play in 2D. Loved Samorost 1 (play free!) and Samorost 2, Botanicula and of course Machinarium for which our familiy still enjoy listening to the soundtrack. One of the first Indie game I bought and still one of the best. We’re always looking for the next little game from Amanita Design.

Page last updated on October 9, 2017