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Fewchure de Hauppauge a écrit le Lundi, 22 juillet 2019 à 06:15
Thanks for the carry on apex earlier this week 🙂

Réplique de Rhialto:
Hey thanks for visiting my website after the match! Sorry for the delay to reply, the notification email for your input here was flagged as SPAM and went into the appropriate folder.

Now let's tell the truth about this match ok? Nothing to hide here. Your screenshot looks edited, there was a third player which you don't show. I also took a screenshot after that match. See https://Rhialto.com/_shared/ApexLegends-Fewchure.jpg

So the story for anyone else reading is... the game started with the other player disconnecting before entering the match. I was jump leader but you didn't care and jumped on your own very early. I landed far away in a very quiet place while I was hearing you fight every minute. That was incredible! I mean for 10 minutes I was solo looting around while listening to all your Pathfinder sentences. Then the second I met another squad I got killed. Well, we can't be all of the same level!

Then I watched you play until the end. You really managed to win the match all by yourself, ending with an amazing score I could only dream of. No doubt you are level Predator in Ranked mode... you must carry so many to higher levels.
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