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Dennis O'Laughlin de Meadville, Pennsylvania a écrit le Samedi, 24 mars 2012 à 14:09
Hey Rhialto- Awesome page on your Volusia. I was doing a search on whitewall tires for VL-800's and came across your page. Really nice photos. My wife and I each have Volusias (mine is black and hers is absolutely identical to yours, '03 Anniversary). We really love our bikes. She has been wanting whitewalls and your pics convinced me to get them for her. Her birthday is Friday and I just ordered them. What brand of tire are they? I ordered Metzelers. Thanks for the post!
Réplique de Rhialto:
Thanks for signing! I always had WW and only used Dunlop D404. I've heard of Metzelers but have no input. A long time ago I was very active on the Volusia forums and people were discussing this... I would be curious to hear from someone who tested both.

Happy birthday to your wife!
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