Quebec Winter Carnival!
A fantastic winter festival!

I’m a HAM radio operator and the Québec winter Carnival hires voluntary people to do communications on the special “B” day. B stand for “bougie”, which is candle in english. This special day is the most important financing activity for the complete festival. A hard day where we need to wake up early in the morning and go to sleep late but it’s so fun that in no time it’s already the evening. Now you know why I’m doing it for over 15 years now…

But who has ever heard of the famous Québec Winter Carnival without having heard of the famous snow bath! Yes, swimsuit in the snow!

On February 2000 I decided to give it a try as you can see those 2 pictures of me in action… those of you who don’t like cold weather should pass! You have been warned! 🙂

So, will you also take up the challenge? I swear you that it’s a must! Of course, if the weather do not drop as low as -40°C…

Page last updated on May 1, 2016